Wedding Toast Writing – Advice and Etiquette

Wedding Toast Writing – Advice and Etiquette

Delivering and writing your wedding speech may be almost as nerve-wracking as you can think. But whether you are the best friend, maid of honor, bride’s father, or part of the wedding party, toasting to the newlyweds can be a breeze if you follow these simple tips.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the advice and etiquette one should keep in mind during the wedding toast.

The Basics of Giving a Wedding Toast

One of the most complex parts of writing a wedding toast is to get started. Here are the essential do’s and don’ts, straight from the pros.

Keep it short

Start by introducing yourself to the room. Given your toast must only be two to five minutes long, you’d want to get straight to the point. You start with “Hi everyone! I’m Sarah Davis, the maid of honor, and I’ve known this beautiful bride since we met at high school.” One funny thing the pros like to laugh about, you’ll see 90% of all speech givers start with “For those of you who don’t know me, I’m ….” Try to be more creative than that!

Be honest

If you are nervous about public speaking, just take a deep breath and relax. The best way to diffuse the situation is to be upfront. Your honesty will let the other guests notice every voice crack and shake as a testament to the magnitude of affection for the person you are speaking about.

Prepare well

It is better to jot down the points you want to mention in your speech, practice it several times out loud and bring it with you. Do not worry; it is okay to read your handwritten or typed toast as the event. You do not lose a single point going up there with a speech in hand.

Being specific is good

The golden rule for all creative writing is show, do not tell. It would help if you kept this in mind while preparing for your speech. Like in the address, instead of just saying that the groom loves the bride ‘so much,’ you can try out giving indisputable evidence.

Make yourself audible

It is understood that if people can’t hear you clearly, you won’t get the reaction you expect. No response means no laughter, and you’ll end up distracted, wondering why all of your jokes are falling flat.

Avoid too many inside jokes

While you and the groom or bride may get a kick out of your quirks, it would be a bit uncomfortable if none of the family members or friends of the couple could follow along. Instead of discussing the inside jokes that exclude the majority of the guests, opt for inclusive stories for the more significant impact.

Steps to structure your wedding toast

Writing a wedding toast should be more fun than writing a school paper! It would help if you considered starting the same way by creating an outline. Here’s how to format your wedding toast right from the beginning to the end.


You can briefly explain who you are how you know the couple. It becomes easier for everyone to understand why you were chosen to speak.

The Gratitude

If you are a member of the bridal party, thank your hosts. If you are one of the hosts, thank all the guests for their attendance, support, and love on a particular day.

The Gushing

Talk about the relationship with the couple. You can use one to three little anecdotes to illustrate who that person is for you. You can also sing the new partner’s praises and share why you think the two are a good match.

The Closing

You can close with a detailed wish for their future or any pieces of advice you like to share. And finally raise your champagne glass and toast to the happy couple before you head to the dance floor.

If you feel stuck about what you want to say, do not worry. It can be pretty tricky to get your thoughts down on paper at once. Here are some of the best brainstorming prompts:

  • How did they first meet?
  • What does true love mean to you, and how do you feel about the couple?
  • What does the partner bring out in the other?
  • Why do you think this couple will make the marriage successful?
  • What do you believe is the key to a happy wedding?
  • What are you wishing for the couple in the future?
  • What was the most fun time you’ve had with the partner/couple?
  • What makes you grateful for your friendship?


The best advice we can give you is to keep it simple. It is okay. You get a little choked up. A bit of composure is excellent, but so is being honest and showing raw emotion. During the wedding speech, all you need to take care of is to keep the address clean and light.

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